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Thread: Annabel Lee

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    Annabel Lee

    So, first of all, this is purely hypothetical at this point, and I'm just looking for some opinions.

    My BF and I were recently discussing names and after his eviscerating pretty much my entire girls list we were left with exactly one name we both sort of agreed upon... Annabel. It's spunky, honors my mom, and as I said it's pretty much the only one we agree on at this point. The issue is that in my BF's family the middle name Lee has been passed down to the eldest child for several generations (both males and females). And, therefore, if we were to have a child now and that child were to be a girl her name has a fair shot at being Annabel Lee.

    I'm aware of the poem and its morbid feel, and while I personally love the poem and the connection isn't necessarily too much for me, as most people wouldn't know their middle name anyways, I just want some opinions on how everyone else would see the name.


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    It sounds like one name when said out loud. Annabelee.
    It's usually poor form to start the second name with the same letter that the first name ends with as it blends into a run-on.

    Not a fan, sorry. There are soooo many great names out there. You've got plenty of time to agree on something else. You never know what might come to mind (or what you'll both gravitate toward for unknown reasons).
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    While the subject is debatable, most lit professors will tell you the poem hints at necrophilia. I wouldn't use the name unless I was a crazy Poe fanatic.

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    @stephanie, thanks despite usually being super aware of run-on sounding names I never noticed this one... Probably because in my head I hear it in the cadence of the poem.

    @tangocamper, that's interesting. I'd actually discussed the poem in several Lit classes and we never discussed necrophelia. We usually discussed whether the narrator was describing actual love or a weird stalkerish relationship (which is why I was slightly concerned).

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    I wouldn't be that bothered by the run-together if it didn't sound like "Anna belly" which, while it would be adorable on a little girl, could be crippling on even a slightly overweight/self conscious teen or adult. The Poe/m connection wouldn't bother me at all.
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