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    Sterling is a pretty cool name, though it's not one of my favorites. But imo it's way more interesting than Benjamin or Connor. What's his middle name?
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    Love, love, love Sterling. It's one of the few names I remember liking when I was younger and still love now. Also, atm I'm reading a fanfic where there is an original secondary character called Sterling and he's just awesome.
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    I like Sterling. The first thing I think of is a "man of sterling qualities". Unfortunately, in Britain, it would be most associated with the currency (british sterling). Stirling Moss was a famous race car driver.
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    I am not a fan of Sterling at all. It sounds materialistic and shallow. I much prefer Starling.

    Is there something about the name Sterling that I am missing? I don't understand all the positive comments.
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    I like Benjamin and Connor but not Sterling. I had a teacher Mr Sterling in school and he wasn't one of the nice ones so that's probably why I don't like the name.

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