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    Well, the middle name is very unusual, 1 syllable, starts with an L. Their last name is also 1 syllable. It flows nicely enough I guess. I'm definitely glad they went for something more unusual, and it will grow on me if they do use it. For some reason my first mental images were of male porn stars and those cheesy "erotic novels" some women read. Sterling sounds kind of like it should be a part of a male strippers stage name to me. I dunno, I feel kind of bad I don't love it because she loves it so much. =/
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    I just added Sterling to me list of possible names last night. That's really funny. I think it's a great name, and it doesn't seem to fit with the other 2 names your friend had originally chosen so that is pretty cool. I personally also really love Benjamin. It's one of my all-time favs, but I can't use it for several reasons. One problem I have with Sterling is its lack of usable nicknames. It's a bit of a serious name, which is great, but I like having softer, more accessible nn options too.

    I never got the stripper vibe from this name. That's funny. I can see what you're saying, but it's just never struck me that way.

    Anyway, I give the choice 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!
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    I've always felt like it had a cowboy vibe to it... Maybe because the only Sterlings I knew were Texans I think it's a handsome name and wouldn't worry about it of she loves it!

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    I LOVE the name Sterling! Unfortunately, it's not the easiest name for the DH's family to say... so it's out of the running. Actually, I completely get the "extremely honest, and slightly prudish" vibe from this name... Probably because I've known A LOT of Sterlings (10+), and they all fit this description. I think it's masculine, vintage, and will age well... my only reservation is that people on here have been suggesting it for girls (which confuses me to no end), so it is a name which is susceptible to being stolen by the girls. But I do like this a lot more than Benjamin or Connor... especially more than Connor...
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    It's pretty cool. I've heard it once before, close to 15 years ago. I'd say it's maybe a little on the feminine side but tbh, there's a good hanful of popular boys names I'd consider a little on the feminine side so it's not weird. I can't think of any good nicknames other than Silver, but maybe your friend wanted it that way. All in all, solid, unusual but cool choice. Congrats to her!

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