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    boy/girl names to go with a motley bunch

    we are expecting a new baby in december, and plan to keep the sex a surprise. wwyd in regards to the split theme and ecclectic group of names?

    we currently have:

    marin elizabeth (f)
    ocean white (m)
    pearl frances (f)
    and twins, rowan bee (f) and lennox aileen (f)

    our first three were sea themed, but when we couldn't come up with two girl names that we both loved in that theme, we veered off. i had the name rowan ("little redhead) on reserve should our little girl be born w/ red hair as i suspected during pregnancy, and she was...lennox was named after annie lennox since just as she was being born, it began to rain outside.

    we give middle names as tribute to family/friends...and we have the names stanley or albin chosen for a boy to honor my father, stanley albin. girl's middle would be some form of patricia or carol, i imagine...tho not certain just yet.

    suggestions always welcome.
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    rebecca renee. wife to lucas christian. mother to: marin elizabeth, ocean white, pearl frances and g/g twin sisters rowan bee and lennox aileen. currently expecting baby #6, whose sex will be a surprise. name hunting is underway.

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