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    In the very rare event that I ever have twin girls, what do you think?

    So, the husband and I are pretty much loving Beatrice nn Betty. I've been thinking today how I'm so ready for names like Betty, Dorothy, Esther, Shirley, Beverly, etc. to come back. That, in turn, got me thinking about our other grandmothers' names, and how fun it would be to have twin girls to name after them! The husband's grandmothers are Betty and D0rsa (always Dottie or Dot), and mine are Ramona and D0vetta. So, I was thinking we could use Beatrice Ramona nn Betty and Dorothy Dove nn Dottie. Would Dorothy stick out too much with Caleb, Annabel, and Beatrice? Would Theodora or Dorothea be better? Something else? Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks!
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