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    My New GIRLS List :)

    I know I've posted a fair few single names up, but they were all added to my list - and here's my final list!
    Btw, I,m not pregnant but I do love names and am TTC next year. I just like to be fully prepared!
    Opinions please. Thank you.

    Courtney Olivia
    Teagan Lily
    Chelsea Louise
    Atlanta Leigh
    Demi Leigh
    Keira Leigh

    Maisie Isabelle
    Brooke Taylor
    Kelsie Ann Heather
    Lexi Mae
    Lily Rose
    Lili Mae

    Poppy Elizabeth
    Lydia Grace
    Gracie Mae
    Ebony Rose / Ebony Faith
    Felicity Rose

    Rosie Ann
    Blaire Alicia
    Alicia ??
    Lainey Kate
    Alesha ?
    Taya Rose
    Matilda Rose
    Freya Paige
    Jamie Leigh
    Madison Evangeline
    Leah Isabelle
    Lucy Rebekah
    Billie Sue / Billie Elizabeth
    Ellie Mae
    Darcy Rose

    Again, favourites are BOLDED. Thanks again.
    Daphne 🌺 Phoebe 🌺 Demi 🌺 Aoife 🍀 Teagan 🍀 Maisie 🍀 Chelsea
    Mackenzie 💙 Brodie 💙 Macaulay 💙 Christopher 💙 Declan 💙 Cavan 💙 Logan 💙 Patrick 💙 Kian 💙 Shay 💙 Shane 💙 Sawyer & 💙 Oakley.

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