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    Maddox..Middle name?

    So we are deeply considering Maddox Finally. I need a middle name though As well as thought on how it goes with Carson, Parker, Lena, and Rylan..our other children! Thank you!

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    Maddox definitely fits with your other children. Love it.

    Middle name options? Something soft to counter-balance the clipped tones of Maddox. How many syllables do you have in your last name? Names typically flow best when all three are different syllable lengths.

    Maddox Christopher
    Maddox Benjamin
    Maddox Jonathan
    Maddox Julian

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    Last name is Casey

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    Then anything with one or three syllables will flow nicely. Best of luck!

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    I <3 Maddox. A friend has a Maddox Cole and I think it's a very handsome combo.

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