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Thread: Just Gus?

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    I like Augustus Levi and Augustus Lev quite a lot. I'm not such a fan of Gus on it's own myself. Though I did have one friend growing up who had this name, and he likes it just fine. If your husband doesn't go along with Augustus, maybe he'd more likely appreciate August or Augustine or Augusten?
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    I think Gus Levi is very handsome, and I don't have a problem with Gus on it's own. It works on a boy or a man and it's clean and simple.

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    I don't like Augustus one bit. I honestly think August Lev would be a lot better with Hannah Naomi.

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    I adore Gus on its own and am really not keen on any of the long forms. Hannah and Gus pair beautifully together, and I think Gus can stand perfectly without a full name. Gus Levi gets my vote.

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    Thanks all. My husband just won't go for August, although I like it. I think we're choosing Gus Levi, with 4-5 weeks to change our minds!

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