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    Unhappy Husband refusing my fav name!

    So I've heard of some ladies just forcing the name that they love on the baby and ignoring the husbands opinion when it mattered the most.

    However, I just can't seem to do that. We have already agreed on a boy’s name and will be finding out the sex shortly {via a super fun gender reveal} however finding the girls name has been so difficult!

    We agreed that we would name our child something that has a good nickname and call them by their nickname as they grow.... So my obsession is Mila. Great nickname right? So Camila is what I pose and would even agree to just call her Mila because I want it that bad… But the hubby is not buying it… at all… either way… I can’t find a comparable name or even a name we could use as the first name and Mila as the middle. I need help! What would you do in my situation? I’m sure other Mommy’s out there have had this same problem. Can anyone think of another name that Mila would be a good nickname for? Or another name comparable? I’m at my wits end!

    I will be posting another related post if nobody can help… with my whole list of names I have posed to him that he doesn’t like as well.

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    *I'm not a Mom...just a name lover right now... but hope I can help with a suggestion..

    I love the name Mila too!

    How about Milena? (Mila is a nickname for this name originally I believe).

    Hope this helps! Best wishes!!!

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    Mila is a nn for Milena as well. Milena is Mila Kunis' real name.

    Jenna Bush Hager just named her daughter Margaret Laura and the nn is Mila. Maybe names with M, L and , A to get to Mila.

    Mirabella-- Mira would work here as well and it's very close to Mila.

    Of course you could do like the Hagers and have a M fn and L mn

    Good Luck!
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Sadly these won't work because I've tried the ones that I thought would suit us best! Tried Milena -> no go. I even tried Milabella or Milabelle and it was a no go too. I think I'm just going to tell him, if its a girl, it will be Mila until he can come up with something on his own that we both agree on... I'm throwin' in the towel!

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    Is he opposed to Mila, or just the longer forms you've proposed so far?
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    EDD: 4/14/2018 It's a girl!

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