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    I wish we could talk to whoever named them.. I'm sure there are some pretty interesting stories behind some of these names. Very cool... and Go Pats!
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    Datone - when we watched the announcer said "day - tone". It was very rythmicy with his last name.
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    I was quite taken with the name of one of the Chicago Bears' picks - Cornelius Washington - very distinctive.

    My own team (New York Giants) drafted a player called Cooper Taylor, and while I like Cooper as a first name (it's a GP of mine), it doesn't sound great with Taylor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rushli View Post
    Datone - when we watched the announcer said "day - tone". It was very rythmicy with his last name.
    That's great! Thanks. I haven't been able to watch anything live because I canceled my cable and NFL network. All I could do was follow the draft online. Datone Jones is a great name.
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