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    Too funny MaggiefromCanda!

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    My favorite Janet combo is Janet Lillian (sweet, easy flowing, not frilly- yet very feminine), and even though I'm generally not into the name Beatrix, Jane Beatrix sounds awesome.

    All are wonderful choices.

    Looking forward to hearing which one you finally choose!

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    I like Jane Beatrix best too

    With Janet, I like Lillian best. I really like the flow and sound of Cecelia, but not the meaning
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    Janet Beatrix would be my pick, when I hear Janet, I think of Louise as a mn.

    Janet Catherine would be my next pick, both names are special to me.
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    My personal favorite is Jane Beatrix, second favorite is Janet Valentine; I'd love to have a friend called Janet Valentine, it just flows together so awesomely.

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