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    Gentle, but Honest- Third Time is the Charm

    Hello Again!
    Discussed previous possible girl names with my husband, and this is what we have decided: No to "Claudia DeMerle" (I was very sad too!) and yes to "Janet," (yea!) but still unsure about the middle name.

    Here are your options:
    Janet Catherine, Janet Valentine, Janet Cecilia, or Janet Lillian.
    Three of the four middle names come from my husband's side. I thought I would have a clear front-runner in mind, but I don't yet. I think I was so emotionally invested in using "Jan" somehow, that now the middle name is just icing on the cake, and I like a whole lot of different flavors of icing.

    Oh yea, and just to complicate things a little more, there is a dark horse in the running. I know what I said in my previous post, about not wanting to use the name Jane, but I have reconsidered. Our fifth option would be Jane Beatrix, in honor of my mother, Jan Bertrice. I should warn you, this is my husband's least favorite at the moment, so please share your favorite Janet name, even if Jane Beatrix is your hands-down favorite.

    Please don't tell me you don't like the name Janet. That decision has been made already.
    Please don't waste your time telling me cute nn. We will call her Janet, or Jane, depending.
    Our last name starts with the letter B, is German, and 2 syllables long.
    Older sibling named Harold Jonathan, goes by nn Hal.

    THANKS VERY MUCH in advance. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think, again.

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    First of all, I think all those names work, and are gorgeous pairs! My personal favourite is Jane Beatrix, but only because I love the name Jane. For the Janet's, this is harder. They all have their perks. I love Cecilia though and I think that pair sounds nice, so my favourite is Janet Cecilia. (too bad about Claudia, that was a pretty name, but I like Jane/Janet too!) Best of luck to you!

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    Jane Beatrix, but if not then Janet Cecilia

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    Janet Cecilia gets my vote, with Janet Lillian in second place. As a strange coincidence, my mom's sister is named Janet and my mom is Sheila - a variant of Cecilia - so I guess those names naturally seem to go together to me. :-)
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