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    Well, it's certainly refreshing to see someone being coherent about unisex names.
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    Thanks everyone for their opinions. While I applaud their bravery in reversing the "boys names for a girl" trend, I have to think of their son above all else. I wouldn't have minded if they chose names like Meredith, Evelyn, Jocelyn, Esme or some other formerly male name that has crossed over to the female camp. Personally, some names just cross the line and take it too far out of my comfort zone and Phaedra is an example. I have a hard time imagining a boy with this name. My wish for him is that he doesn't get teased or bullied too much when he begins school. I also hope he's about 6"5" and built like a tank so he can take care of himself if the occasion arises.

    I don't like Phaedra for a boy for a couple of reasons.

    1 It's a FEMALE mythological character (yes, I'm a traditionalist when it comes to names and gender and I'm not going to apologize for it Different strokes for different folks).

    2 It sounds really feminine (first syllable sounds like the girls name Faye and it ends in an "a" which is commonly a female ending (excluding some male names in the Bible and others).

    3 Multiple meanings of the similar word "fey" may cause problems for a boy in the future:

    a) "Fey" is a derogatory word often used to describe an "effeminate male"; often gay men are called "fairies". (I hope his classmates aren't aware of this fact or they'll be lots of teasing).
    b) British/Scottish word for "doomed or fated to die" (Yes, we're all going to die someday but I wouldn't want to be reminded of it when saying my child's name).
    c) A word meaning "wild or crazy acting", often ascribed to supernatural causes and evidenced by abnormal behavior eccentric or strange.
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    Yes, "Fey" does mean those things... but "Fay" is a well-established name that doesn't bring to mind any of those things. When someone mentions Faye Dunaway, no one thinks of effeminate men/being doomed to die/acting crazy. It's name all on its own. And women can be pretty awesome. Mythological deities, even better.

    It's been my experience that adults make far more of a ruckus over 'name teasing' than children actually do. They're children, after all. They don't know what a 'normal name' is. If it weren't for parents' comments, other kids wouldn't be able to tell the difference between Ezra, Jonah, Phaedra, and Luca. Certain kids will get picked on, regardless of their names. Sometimes it's a Christopher or a Matthew. It has nothing to do with the name at all.

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    Boys names ending in "a"

    If more people considered using boys names that end in "a", then more people wouldn't automatically assume that a name ending in "a" belongs to a girl. Since famous people are generally the trailblazers, making such formerly "out-there" names as Serafina and Ignatius viable options for the masses, I appreciate it when celebrities choose "a"-ending names for their sons. That being said, I don't particularly like Phaedra for either boys or girls, but Astala is a very cool name for a boy.

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    This is the wake up call modern parents need regarding unisex names.

    You have idea how long I've been waiting...
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