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    I initially was thinking, Niko (nee-ko), spelling, but the more I read other posts, I would have to say, Nico, spelling as #1 choice.

    Good luck!

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    I prefer Nico from your list but I really like Nicco as I personally think it looks more balanced.

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    I prefer Nico, followed by Niko. My cousin's nn is Nico, for Nicolas (from Mexico) and I met a woman named Nikko last summer.
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    I like Nico, but, I also have a friend named Nieko, (who is a guy). It's the Greek spelling of that name, so if you want to avoid Nick-o, that might be a nice option?
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    Nico. I'm not a fan of the other spellings and they'd likely get mispronounced.
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