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Thread: Stephanie

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    Not a fan at all. But, in fairness, I have had a few bad experiences with a Stephanie.

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    I'm obviously biased.
    I've had a love/hate relationship with my name my whole life. I'm obviously a product of receiving what was in the top 10 at the time of my birth. I grew up with a slew of other Stephanies. I had to fight hard to keep from receiving unwanted nicknames. But now, it is very rare that I encounter other Stephanies. Though everyone I know is familiar with at least one or two others, and it's common for me to be called by my whole name by most of my close friends.
    But overall, I do like my name. I think it's pretty. And it will continue to age well enough. I could see it becoming popular again at some point. But as of right now, it's definitely a bit vintage.
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    I always loved the name Stephanie! I agree that is dated but it's still ranked at 146 on the popularity chart so I don't think it would be that uncommon to run into a little Stephanie. I say go for it! I've loved every Stephanie I've ever met

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    I actually love it. This is mostly because the Stephanies I've known are funny, lively, lovely ladies, and so I have a wonderful connotation with the name. When I look at it from a name-nerd standpoint, I realize that I also love it for the French-sounding "-ie" ending, which is a favorite of mine in other French-ified names, like Amelie. All that being said, I think it would be very refreshing and sweet to meet a baby/little girl Stephanie today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    It's dated for sure. But Idk, there would be something kind of refreshing about seeing a Stephanie pop up among the Sophias and Avas and even the Alices and Violets.

    Also it'll probably come back around eventually and then your kid will be super cutting edge. :-)
    This exactly.
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