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    Thoughts on the names that didn't make it?

    The following names didn't make it onto my favourites list for one reason or another, but I've still been thinking of them recently:

    Pomeline, nn Pom, Apple - due to the supposed meaning

    Susanna, nn Sosie, Sanna, Sunny, never Sue but possibly Susie - dislike the alternative spellings
    and Shoshannah, nn Sosie, Shosh (long 'oh' sound) - like the sound more than the way it looks

    and Apolline, nn Apple

    Primrose, nn Prim, Rose, Rosie/Rosy

    or Chloë - would prefer it as a nickname for something longer, if possible

    Just wondering what peoples thoughts were on this lot? Worth reconsidering?
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    I adore Primrose and Chloe is nice but I can't help but think of a mean girl in my high school. If only all the bullies were named Astrid or Helga....

    Apollonia is kind of cool looking/sounding. I'm not a fan of Shoshannah though.
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    I like Apollonia/Apolline quite a bit.

    Chloe...I had a girl in primary school that I wasn't very fond of with this name. So I think of her every time I see this name.
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    Pomeline - I always found this so interesting! I remember considering Eliza Pomeline once, I thought it was so beautiful.

    Susanna/Shoshana - I absolutely adore Shoshana. And I've come to like Susanna. I love the nns Annie and Sosie, but the others don't really appeal to me, personally.

    Apollonia/Apolline - meh, not really my thing.

    Primrose - so. I admit it, The Hunger Games was my guilty pleasure. I still love the series and can't wait for the second movie. Besides, Prim is adorable and was a rare symbol of beauty in the whole series, so that made me appreciate it even more, I think. I personally prefer Posy for the nn, but Rosie and Prim are pretty cute, too.

    Chloe - meh, I can appreciate it, but I don't really like it. I had a negative experience with a Chloe in middle school. I do sort of like it as a MN for someone else's child, though, but I do prefer Zoe in general. I like the zippy "Z" and the meaning of "life".

    I definitely would have given Primrose and Shoshana/Susanna a spot, but that's mainly because the only two on your list I truly love are Violet and Lucia. I think all the names are lovely; those are just the ones that really grab me as beautiful. Although India is lovely, I just couldn't go there.
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    I loved Pomelina for a long time, and Apollonia is intriguing. They don't really work with my last name so I never truly considered using them, but they are special names. (please vote!)

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