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Thread: Stephanie

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    I agree with missusaytch. I don't think your daughter will be quite young enough to see the name come back into style in her old age, but Stephanie has a historical heft about it that makes it seem wearable (though dated.)

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    I love the name Stephanie. It's a great name, and I think it's one of those names that will always be loved and is somewhat timeless, like Emily and Sarah, just less popular. I know several Stephanie's, and although I don't believe the whole 'your name defines who you are and you can tell someone's personality from their name', it may be true with Stephanie. I've never met a Stephanie who wasn't a really, really nice person. So, yeah, I love Stephanie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    It's dated for sure. But Idk, there would be something kind of refreshing about seeing a Stephanie pop up among the Sophias and Avas and even the Alices and Violets.

    Also it'll probably come back around eventually and then your kid will be super cutting edge. :-)
    This! Plus it's my mom's name, so I'm a bit biased
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    I love it! I don't believe that names come with expiration dates, if it's dated but you love it, that shouldn't matter at all
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    Stephanie is dated but you could pull a modern nn. Fawn.

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