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    If you have to google the name to discover the similarity, it probably isn't a big enough deal to worry about. Plus, it was already five years ago and will therefore be a 23-year-old story by the time your son reaches young adulthood. At that point, unless it the story became the subject of an Oscar-winning film, NO ONE will remember it.

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    I think it depends upon just how common your name combination is. If it's something like Patrick Jonathan King, it's not a big deal because that could be a very common, indistinct name. It would be obvious to someone who Google's your son's name years and years from now that there are probably several men with this name, and they are probably not at all related.

    If it's a more unique name like Ulysses Octavio St. Germain (I don't know where I am pulling this from?), it might be possible that one day, your son may encounter someone who may wonder if he is any relation to the swindler with the same name.

    Most likely, it's probably not at all an issue to stick with the name you love and that you've chosen. It really just depends upon its uniqueness.
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    you may be interested in this thread from a bit ago. I posted my experience with googling a name that came back with a fairly negative result-- we still used the name.
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    It doesn't matter at all, I don't think. I just googled myself and all it came up with was my Twitter...I think that if I were to find out there was some serial killer with the same name as me, I would have laughed. But I'll make my own name.

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    Unless, it is a well known fraudster, I would go with what you love!

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