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    I think Isla May is my favorite from your list. I also like Ella May, Elise May, and you could use Esme instead of May since it has the same sound.

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    I wouldn't go foor Amaya because Amaya May looks a bit odd. I also really like Adelyn

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    Actually, I like it. I had a friend whose fn is a variation of June and she was born in June. Nothing wrong with it. The month connection is not a big deal. (Maybe) it's even better than correcting people for the situation like: "Your name is May? Your birthday is in May, isn't it?" and have to answer "No, I was born in October" for your whole life.
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    Use it! If you think it's weird, just use the spelling Mae. It still honors her. But I think May is totally fine. I love it! And when people ask her, her middle name, they aren't gonna follow up with, "when's your birthday?" If that makes sense. Lol!

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    Not having read other comments, here are my thoughts - May is also a diminuitive for Mary, so I don't mind the name being used outside of the month of May. It is irritating to me when April's and June's are born in different months, petty but my true feeling. Also using seasonal names outside of the season, an Autumn born in April, or a Summer born in March, urrrgh!
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