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    Louis Zephyr: Definitely one of my favorites from the list. Louis is a great/classic name and Zephyr gives it an added umph that helps take Louis to another level of awesome.

    Theo Zephyr: I like the name Theodore, but not Theo so much on it's own. Theo Zephyr doesn't flow too well either. Theodore Zephyr could be cool, but it doesn't work together nearly as well as Louis Zephyr, I think.

    Zephyr Gregory: Eh, feels clunky. I think I also like Zephyr better as a middle name.

    Zephyr Finnegan: Finnegan Zephyr could be cool, but again not the biggest fan of Zephyr as a first name.

    Lachlan Patrick: If a close family member is already named Lachlan, maybe Lachlan isn't the best choice for you, it seems to me. This name is fine, but not of the same awesome caliber as many others.

    Beresford Declan: I quite like this name and this combo. The first time I heard Beresford, it took me awhile to have an opinion on it, but not I think it's kind of cool. And the NN Bear is nice.

    Sage Beresford: I listen to a lot of Sage Francis music, so I have a positive association with Sage as a FN, but even with that I am still only mediocre on it. It's a nice combo though.

    Leo Declan: I like a lot of Leo related names, but not the biggest fan of Leo on it's own. I think Lionel Declan would be an amazing name (though a bit 'L' heavy).

    Finnegan Wolfgang: I like it. Sounds both fun and serious. Both casual and intense. Both friendly and intimidating. Both down to earth and up in the clouds. It's got a really unique feel to it.

    Finnegan Jack: I don't know why, but Jack as a middle name always feels weird to me. I don't really like the name Jack in general though, so it may just be me. Also, when I say the name Finnegan, I say it quicker than most names (something about the arrangement of the syllables), and paired up with Jack, the name feels like it ends abruptly to me.
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    My favorites are:
    Zephyr Gregory
    Sage Beresford
    Finnegan Wolfgang - The only think I don't like is the repeated -gan- So I'd probably prefer Finn Wolfgang or Finnegan Wolf.
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    Top Three Faves

    Louis Zephyr - classic and quirky. I love the way they look together.
    Leo Declan - Leo is a FULL name. Leo Finnegan would be better.
    Finnegan Jack- Irish spunk galore!
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    I like Louis Zephyr. It seems like they're supposed to go together.

    Also love Leo Declan and Finnegan Jack. Maybe Lachlan Patrick for the cute nn Patch.

    In other words, what Mischa said. ha
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    My favourites:
    Louis Zephyr
    Zephyr Finnegan
    Sage Beresford
    Finnegan Wolfgang - I agree that Finn Wolfgang or Finnegan Wolf would be much better.
    Finnegan Jack
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