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    Names at the top - thoughts?

    Hi all
    We're having another baby Here are our top picks. Thoughts? Our son is named Kai David Bain. Both my husband and I have Scottish/Welsh origin which is why Ronan is the boy pick. Solenne is just a favorite of ours for some time. Want to make sure the names are a balance of different but not trying too hard and names that won't be trendy now and out of style 20 years from now.

    Solenne McLaurin Bain
    Nickname: Leni or Lola?

    Ronan John Bain

    Thank you!
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    I love Ronan for a boy. However, I dislike the flow of Ronan John Bain because they all end in -en. Ronan Jude Bain would be lovely.
    Solenne is fine but I prefer Solana nn Lana or Soleil. Maybe you would like a Scottish name for a girl? There are some lovely ones: Alison, Elspeth, Leslie, Isobel, Islay? And Welsh: Meredith, Winifred, Ceridwen(this would be lovely if she is born in winter), Gwendolyn, Seren.
    If you go with Solenne, I prefer Leni as a nickname. Lola doesn't appeal to me and is popular but itself while Leni is fresh and sweet. I am not so sure about Solenne McLaurin because you said you don't want a trendy name and McLaurin sounds like you are trying hard to fit in Mckenzie/Mckayla trend. I say use it if you really like it or it has special meaning.

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    Should have mentioned John is my fathers name and McLaurin is my grandmothers maiden name so it has a lot of meaning to us -- these aren't optional. Pretty much decided.

    I like Solenne over Soleil or the other names you mention. But of course it's pretty darn subjective. Thanks for the preference of Leni. I agree.
    Solenne (Leni), Eve, Zoe, Nora, Claudia, Ada, Annie, Fiona, Nina
    Kai, Ronan, Emmett, Finn, Theo, Ian, Will

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    Congratulations! I love Kai David, very handsome. Kai and Ronan would make a fabulous sibling set. I really like Ronan John. I do not think the names ending in the same letter is an issue at all. I feel what is important for a name is that it is special and meaningful for those creating the name. Though I am not a fan of Solenne McLaurin personally, I still feel it is a nice combo. I think I lean toward the nickname Lola.
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    Love the booy named Ronan John! It is really handsome. I like Solenne McLaurin for a girl with the preference of Leni for a nn.

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