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    I have a soft spot for Walter. I would love to meet a little boy with the name.
    Walter Patrick
    Walter Declan
    Walter Owen
    Walter Julian
    Walter Ethan
    Walter Dashiell
    Walter Blaine
    Walter Collin
    Walter Travis
    Walter Landon

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    London, England
    I love Walter, it's very strong and manly for me. I'd pair it with a more 'modern classic' mn, something recently trending upwards but not jarring in style:
    Walter Theodore
    Walter Frederick
    Walter Henry
    Walter Sebastian (really like this one!)
    Walter Hugo
    Walter Felix

    Annora Juliet, Elspeth, Verity, Zelda, Josephine, Marianne, Rosemary Constance
    Edmund Henry, Wesley, Jonah, Gilbert, August, Winston, Hugh Theodore

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    I honestly strongly dislike the name Walter for one it's a last name and always will be and second it's the last name of a not very nice name who live in my village.

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    I love Walter! Reminds me of Walt Whitman.
    Current favorites:
    Lucy Caroline and Thomas Cyprian

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