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    Naming children after your characters?

    This mostly relates to any writers out there, but I wanted other opinions as well. I'm a writer, and a fickle one, so I have A LOT of characters with all different names. I generally pick names I like, or the names grow on me to the point where I DO love them. I'm currently 18, not pregnant or planning to become so in the near future, but my frequency on name sites has got me thinking.

    Would it be weird to give my children the same names as characters in my head? O_o

    So far I've stayed away from my top names, but there's a few I've used that I've really come to like (Helena, Todd, Oliver, Artemis...), and I don't know how weird it would be if I ended up with one of their stories published and then named my child the same thing...

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    That's my issue.
    I've noticed that a few of the names I love for characters I like for children. I don't know if that's a do or don't...
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    It depends. If your character is a bad character, be it a childhood bully, a killer, a dictator, a abusive spouse, etc. that is off limits.
    If your character is a murder victim (Mary Shelley), then don't use it. People find that weird. If your character is the hero's mother, who makes a few cameos that might work. A character who is very minor (and good!) is ok. A major character who is a hero/heroine is challenging. At what point is it an expectation name? Will your child feel pressure to measure up? Or live it down? People like Christopher Robin, Alice Liddell, and Peter who inspired Peter Pan all had trouble living down those images.
    Then there is the question of published vs. nonpublished. If you never publish the stories you write about Rachel Riley, a female detective and protagonist, then it is ok to use Rachel. I still would avoid using Lester Linden, the killer in the first Rachel Riley mystery.
    I am an aspiring author, so I think about these questions a lot. I think it is up to you. Good Luck!
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    haha yeah I deliberately pick names I dislike for those sorts of characters, but I have a tendency to even like those names. I don't really consider negative actions or personality traits when I'm classifying 'good' characters and 'bad' ones. If the character has depth and dimension to me I like them, especially since I don't believe anyone is 100% bad, so bad characters with dimension are sympathetic. I'm an overthinker...
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    I'm a writer, but I've honestly never thought about this because I can't imagine using a character's name on a child.

    As far as "Could you?" It depends...names floating around as ideas in your head that never make it onto paper or don't really go anywhere, those seem like fair game. You'd eliminate a lot of names for no real reason otherwise. Characters from completed works, names I've actually spent a lot of time with, I could never separate the name enough to use it on a child. It would just feel wrong for me personally.
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