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Thread: Too much?

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    I see nothing wrong with it. They may have chosen the E names because they like E, or because they wanted to honor a family member.


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    Alliterative names don't bother me, and if parents like a certain letter than it's not a big deal to name them with names beginning with the same letter, it's not my personal style, but if they like it I see nothing wrong with it.

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    Both my mom and her sister unintentionally named both of their kids "a" names- Amelia and Allie, Asa and Austin. I think that just shows personal preference. When all the first and middle names start with the same letter, though, it's a bit gimmicky and too much.
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    Alteration is fine if it is well done. I would not go with Edwin or Edith Edison but think Eli or Elamor Edison would be fine.

    As for siblings with the same initial, I wouldn't go that way because I would want to pick the names I love most at the time without constraining myself to a single initial. However, if the name I loved most happened to start with same initial as the older child, I wouldn't reject the name. I do think the subset Emil and Esther is fine even if the last starts with E.

    The only time I think using the same first initial for all siblings is not a good idea if you are planning to have a large family. The Duggars constraining themselves to J names with 20 kids is a bit much. I also knew a family with 10 kids that used all K names - Katherine, Karen, Kimberly, Karla, Kristine, Kelly, Kasey, Kaitlyn, Karina, and Kevin. It was too much.
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    I actually don't mind it either, particularly since Esther and Emil being with such different sounds, but I thought it was an interesting case since not only do the siblings share initials, but they have alliterative names.
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