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    thank you, everyone, for your recommendations. I love vintagey names. We just can't seem to land on a girl's name we both love. We both like Annabelle/Arabella... I love Vera, Cora, and Louisa of your suggestions. niteowl- I pretty much love all of those names!! lol.. but as far as ones that I would use/hubby would approve I like Cora best Thanks, all! Any ideas for brother names? p.s. I love Ruby, it is actually a family name... but I don't think it suits our last name well, which is also a word name.

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    Keavy is a wonderful Irish name for a girl. I just recently heard this name. I was babysitting for a family and it was the mother's name. According to records online, there are fewer than 1,500 people in the US with the name Keavy.

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    Leland is so sweet, I think I'd categorise it as a "vintage" name ready to make a comeback. So many great suggestions already, sorry for any repeats:

    Leland & Everett
    Leland & Palmer
    Leland & Willam
    Leland & Hollis
    Leland & Harper
    Leland & Kitt
    Leland & Hugo

    Leland & Mallory
    Leland & Audrey
    Leland & Elspeth
    Leland & Evelyn
    Leland & Scarlett
    Leland & Blair
    Leland & Eloise
    Leland & Grace
    g e n e v i e v e

    Violet Ruby Grace ♀ Alice Pomeline Wren ♀ India Lotus Penelope
    May Tallulah Verity ♀ Lucia Ottilie June♀ Rosa Elowen Chloë

    Ivo Valentine Fox ♂ Shiloh Atlas Grey ♂ Leo Elijah Bram
    Maben Isaac Poe ♂ Emrys Casper Gabriel ♂ Kit Auberon Xavier

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    It seems like girl names are much easier for us! We have been talking about "brother names" for Leland... we are having a hard time agreeing. He likes the names Colton, Justice/Justus, and Walker. I am liking Luke. Any more suggestions for boy names that go with Leland? We will likely call him Lee at least some of the time, so a nickname type name would be a plus.

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