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Thread: Sibling Name!

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    Sibling Name!

    I'm not pregnant...but love thinking about my future baby #3's name....I currently have 2 kiddos; my son's name is Rocco Andrew and my daughter is Remy Ashleigh Ann. I would rather not have another 'R' name...Remy would have been Silas if she was a it was kind of just a coincidence that her name started with an 'R.'

    If we have another girl, I love Greer or Grier Jayne. I also love Josephine, but my husband hates it. My husband loves Shay (no middle name decided on) or Emerson.

    If we have another boy, I LOVE, LOVE Silas Ryan. My husband likes Emerson or Milo.

    Thoughts/opinions on the above names would be appreciated...and any ideas would also be appreciated.


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    For a girl I like:
    Greer Jane
    Emerson Jane

    For a boy I like both Silas and Milo, though I'd avoid going for another name with an -o ending.

    Mama to Quentin Charles, born July 4!

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