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    i know a Celia, just Celia, so I don't think of it as a nickname at all like some other commenters. It sound great for you! As long as you really REALLY love it and not just the idea, i would go for it! definetly with a strong middle like you mentioned
    I don't have many rules, but i prefer my names to be less common but not weird or misspelled. For example, Waverly, my favorite girl's name. It isn't a name most non-berries would think of, but when i say it to other people they definetly think it is an adorable name for a girl. It also has good nickname options like Wavie, Wave, and Avery. I also would prefer to have a family middle name, but otherwise i wouldn't say i have rules. Rules might come along when I'm actualluy expecting though!
    Right Now I would name them...
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    ∆ Casper Aloysius • Reverie Antonia ∆

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    I think Celia is a really cute name, and can completely stand on its own without being short for anything. Though I do think some will just assume it is short for Cecelia or something like that.

    My criteria:
    - I hope it is not be in the top 50 names. I think that's far enough down where there will not be a million other girls with the same name. I'm iffy on if I want to change that to top 100, but I'm not totally against having a popular name. (Mine is SUPER popular in my age group #2 for the decade, and it doesn't bother me to share it with many others.)
    - I tend to go for longer names. Mostly for girls, but I really like a name that is longer, and even for boys I don't tend to go for really short 1 or 2 syllable names.
    - Has to feel right on someone in their teens, adulthood, or a senior citizen, as well as on a baby. A lot of names seem too 'cute' to work on anyone older than 10.

    I'm to really that picky, if I like a name, I like it no matter what the meaning is, or how popular it is, or any of that stuff.

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    I love Celia, and Cecelia too. Such both very pretty and girly names, reminds me of the spring season...
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    Cecilia is pretty, and so is Celia, but there was a girl we used to make fun of and we called her celia (but we never wrote it out, so im not sure how we spelled it considering her real name started with an S, but for that reason, I could never use that name. I'm not sure what my taste is. For example, I love the name Emily, but I hate Emma. I don't like anything in the top 100 (preferably), but Emily's in the top 100 and I love Emily. I love girly names likes Stella, but I also love names like Teagan, Paisley and Vesper. I have no idea what my style is. At the moment, I'm loving Aria and Hugo, but I don't really like old names likes Cosette or something. I like long names like Violetta, but I like short names like Ivy too. I love the nickname Addie, and I like it when names have a nickname, like Evelyn and Evie. I don't like really old names. HELP! What's my style?
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    I really like Celia and Cecilia! Also wanted to suggest Cordelia nn Delia for you too . What I look for in a name

    - Vintage/Old fashioned
    - Not in the top 20
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