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    The Perfect Name

    I realized today I might have stumbled upon my perfect name according to my own definitions, even though it wasn't a name I had considered perfect before now. I thought this might make for an interesting topic, what do you define your perfect name to be like and what actually fits your criteria (it becomes more interesting if they are not even your favorite names, or names you hadn't thought of before! Let's expand our lists!).

    My criteria:
    -literary/mythical (Shakespearean, theatre, poetic, etc. if it's a character's name, it's already 1000x more times attractive)
    -unpopular or at least not commonly used. I don't mind a well-known name so long as it's not often used or a current pop culture reference. This unfortunately takes Violet off my list, along with many other beloved names of mine.
    -likeable. If I have a negative connotation of the name, or if it has a really unappealing feel, it won't come near my list.
    -vintage, classic quality. Going along with the whole unpopular requirement, I also don't want to make up a name or have it blend in with all the Madisons and Jaydens.
    -simplicity. Nothing too extravagant, long, frilly.

    and my perfect name is...CELIA.
    -in the 700's according to Nameberry! I've only ever met one Celia in my life too.
    -likeable! It has a very sweet feel without being simperingly so like Cecilia or Cecily.
    -vintage, classic. Check, check!
    -simple. It's short and sweet and sturdy. A good middle name will only further strengthen it! Celia Winifred? Celia Artemis? Celia Nightingale?
    ...dreaming of naming my future first cat.

    today's favorites: Howl, Sherlock, Scheherazade

    (and favorites of the non-pet names: Celia Hermione, Odette, Inigo, Arthur Rooney)

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    Hey! My name is Cecilia! :D I go by Celia a lot, and personally I'd recommend having the full name, for formalities sake if nothing else. It gives more options. :)

    My criteria:

    -Crisp sounding -- vowels are balanced out by 'hard' consonants, such as the 'k', 't' and 's' sounds.
    -Uncommon -- I want people giving me weird looks and asking me to explain it, haha.
    -Family -- The name must have SOME kind of meaning to me, familial or otherwise. Without meaning it would feel empty.
    -Associations -- No negative ones. I don't mind knowing people with the names, but not too closely or in a negative way.

    My names:


    Annika -- Anne is a family name, I've heard of but never met two, it has that nice K in the middle.
    Roselind -- Rosalie would have been a sister if I had one, I pronounce it weird (ROSE-lind), that 'z' sounding 's.'
    Valentine -- This name is just awesome in every single way. And I love my family, so... yeah. :)


    Jacoby -- My oldest friend's name is Jacob, and this is a neat little take on it.

    My other boy's names don't really fit my 'family' critera:


    So Jacoby and Annika are my first choices. :) Followed by Roselind and Roscoe, then Valentine and Sebastien.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Oh, yes, Celia is a lovely name. The only thing that's not perfect, for me (except for the fact that I'd prefer not to use a first name beginning with C for a daughter to avoid confusion of our names) is that some people (like, perhaps, the pp) only see it as a shortening of Cecilia, and not an independent name. Despite the fact that this is false, I'd hate for someone to think I'd only given my daughter a nn.

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    cristinamariane Guest
    Celia is very classy and pretty!

    My criteria (give or take):
    Not in top 1000
    Has to look decent on a job application, something I'd be comfortable with shouting really loud or introducing myself as
    Not religious
    Doesn't start with B, a soft G, or Z thanks to my weird last name (otherwise Ginevra would be mine, all mine)
    Nature, myth or somehow witchy
    Family connection or my family likes the name

    So, names that do that for me are Jasmina, Calluna, Twyla, Ashera, Sabina, Carletta, Aristella, Auriella, Jordana, Ursuline, Serenella and Talitha. We're currently discussing Camellia, Cambina and Tigerlily.

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    I think of Celia Foote from the Help! Which, in my opinion, is a VERY nice literary reference. I know it's rather recent, but the character is just so lovely. I love her so much. GAH. <3

    For me:
    - I find myself always liking names that are shorter - one or two syllables. I don't think I've ever had a name on my list that was above two syllables. It's rather unfortunate, since my boyfriend's last name has one syllable, but I suppose it's better than liking really long names and having a boyfriend with a long last name.
    - I would *prefer* a name not in the top 100. Popularity doesn't matter as much to me as it appears to matter to most on Nameberry. If I really, really love a name and it's in the top 20, I'll still consider using it. I guess it depends on what's popular where I live, too.
    - I like literary ties, but I use most of my favorite literary characters for middle names.
    - OH OH OH THIS A HUGE MEGA HUMONGOUS BIG ONE FOR ME. For my sibsets, I cannot - I repeat, canNOT - have two names that start with the same letter/sound. I like Miles and I love Margo, but only one of them shall exist. I don't know why it's such a big deal to me, but it is. My names can have a similar style, similar meanings, whatever - but they cannot start with the same letter. I absolutely forbid it.

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