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Thread: Ah, Jacob....

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    Feb 2011
    Our last name is very common, Wilson. So, I don't want his name to just get lost in the mix. Idk. Jacob is definitely towards the top of the list. Maybe I can find a nice "out of the box" middle. Our current middle choice is Everett but I don't really want the initials "JEW".

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    I actually love Jake. Not as crazy about Jacob. I also don't find it terribly popular. I hear Aiden , Caden, Jayden, and Maddox way more than Jacob. I also put this one in the classic category. That kind of popularity doesn't bother me as much.

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    Jacob is a name I have been reconsidering too. I guess I don't mind popularity as much for boy's names. I have always liked Jake.
    I actually only know one boy named Jakob. He goes by Jakob and is never called Jake. He is 9, I think.

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    I absolutely adore the name Jacob! By all means, use the name if you love it.

    Perhaps, Jacob William or Jacob Anders?

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    I like the name Jacob and only know 4 people with that name (2 adults, 2 children).
    Proud Mama to Levi 8/21/10 and Eva 12/5/12

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