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Thread: Ah, Jacob....

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    Ah, Jacob....

    DH likes Jacob and the name is actually growing on me. At first I completely discounted it due to it being number one for years. But, the more I compare our lists and try using the names, Jacob has a nice sound to it. I also think Jacob/Jake goes well with our DD Gabrielle/Gabby.

    I knew one Jacob in high school and one friend of the family named Jacob. I don't know any kids with the name. It's actually number 4 in my state - behind William, Mason, & James (James is on our list as well). I feel like I hear many more boys named Aiden, Caden, Jayden, Brayden, Jackson, Braxton, etc.

    What do you think? Is Jacob just TOO popular? How many Jacobs do you know?

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    Jacob isn't actually as popular as it seems. When you combine spellings, Jacob is #3 behind Aiden and Jayden. I only know a handful of Jacobs myself. It's a handsome, solid name, hence the reason it is so popular.

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    I can definitely understand being reluctant to use a name that is so popular, but at the same time Jacob is a classic/timeless kind of name that you really can't go wrong with. It's one of those names that's not popular because of a modern trend or something, but is popular just because so many people like it and have always liked it. I often put Jacob in the same mental category as a name like Lucas, both Jacob and Lucas are not necessarily names I'd choose myself, but I can definitely understand why people would choose them.

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    I know a lot of Jacobs. But I too love it, and it is my top boy's name. Popularity is only important to a point; if it's really THE name, then who cares how popular it is?

    One of the alternatives I came up with was Jacoby, with the nn Coby. Just for a bit of a twist on it if you're worried about popularity.
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    do you think Jacob or James is a religious name? We are considering James as well and I am a bit cautious of choosing a religious sounding name.

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