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    Question Sibset beliefs

    Hi berries!
    I was just wondering about everyone's beliefs in sibsets. Do you think that for a good sibset they all have to be the same style or theme? Do you think maybe all of one gender can have the same style while the other gender has a completely different style? I don't know if that make sense but it does in my head haha..

    For instance, me and my boyfriend just happened to realize all the little girl names we liked are very pretty, feminine, french names: Colette, Elodie, etc. but for boys we like strong, more american(?) names like Jack and Evan. So if we like the french names should our boys be just as french or should our girls get switched to more classic choices? See what I mean now... what are your thoughts in general?? Do you guys have any "sibset rules" you go by?

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