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    Australia's most popular names

    There was an article in my local newspaper yesterday, which I thought I'd share. Obviously, it's about Australia's most popular baby names! Here are our top ten for 2012:

    1. Charlotte
    2. Ruby
    3. Lily
    4. Olivia
    5. Chloe
    6. Sophie
    7. Emily
    8. Mia
    9. Amelia
    10. Ava

    1. Jack
    2. William
    3. Noah
    4. Ethan
    5. Oliver
    6. Thomas
    7. Lucas
    8. James
    9. Cooper
    10. Jackson

    And here is the full article...

    Adding a twist on traditional names is a rising trend for parents - but it could spell trouble. Charlee, Lilly and Jaxon are among the modern versions of baby names favoured by parents wanting to stand out from the pack. A baby names report, analysing Australia's most popular in 2012, found girls were more likely than boys to cop unusual spellings. McCrindle Research director Mark McCrindle said many parents were "designing" rather than choosing names. But he warned it could lead to a lifetime of grief. "More than ever, people are saying, 'It's my child's name, I am going to give it some difference'," he said. "But I think sometimes parents are being a bit short sighted in the designing of their children's names." Jack has clawed back to the top for boys after falling behind William in the past two years, the research reveals. Nationwide, Charlotte was the most popular name for girls. Among the fastest climbers last year were Harper, Rose and Heidi, and Mason, Jackson and Jaxon. But some dropped off the top 100 list, including Daisy, Rachel, Stephanie, Ashley, Aaron, Tyson, Jett and Seth.

    Source: "Name of the game is sounds" by Elissa Doherty (Adelaide Advertiser, 25/04/13)
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    Doesn't surprise me that Girls are more likely to have unusual spelling of their names. I see that quite a bit on nameberry that people are not afraid to be adventurous with girls names in comparison to boys names. Having said that I like girls names which are probably considered different from the norm. Whereas with boys I prefer more conservative names.
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    I agree with the PP, I am not surprised that Girls are more likely to have unusual names. A lot of people tend to be more traditional when it comes to naming boys then when naming girls.
    I've looked at Australia's top 10 names a number of times but haven't looked the "up and coming" names. I'm a little surprised the Heidi is on the rise in popularity! I haven't heard it used recently, I would be pleasantly surprised to meet a little Heidi. Harper and Rose I did expect, I think they will be moving into the overused category in the near future.
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    I don't mind popular or trendy names if they are spelled properly. I love Australian Top names just because Aussies seem to like classic names a bit more than we do. I especially love boy Top 3 - William, Jack and Noah are all my favorites I am only a bit sad to see such lovely names like Rachel and Seth dropped off. I'd prefer to meet a little Daisy rather a baby Rose.
    I agree with isabellemarie about girl names being more different. You can name your daughter Juliet but you almost never see a Romeo; Serena is getting more popular than Thor and so on. But so do I

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    Sadly, I've noticed that that bad or "kre8tif" spellings are becoming a global phenomenon. It's like a disease that's spreading. I worry that the next generation won't be able to spell at all. Will they even remember the "original" or "traditional" spellings of names? Will the children with the "correct" spellings be thought of as "freaks from a time gone by". Things will get interesting. Stay tuned.
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