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    Brooklyn - feminine or masculine

    is brooklyn feminine or masculine??
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    To me, it could be either. It's got feminine sounds to it - Brooke is a fairly popular girls' name, and -lyn is a trendy feminine ending, but the only two Brooklyn's I know (well, one Brooklyn and one who has it as a middle name with an equally unisex first name) are both boys, and both now around the age of two or three. As it's technically a place name, I don't think it 'has' a gender like other, more established names like John and Mary do. I could quite easily see a boy Brooklyn as a girl Brooklyn.

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    It's unisex. Feminine because of the popular -lyn suffix. and Masculine because of Brooklyn Beckham. I really like it as a boy's name but wouldn't use it because many would think he was a girl. Instead I would be more likely to use Brooks for a boy, and call him Brooklyn as a mummy-only nickname kind of thing.
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    It depends.
    If you compare Brooklyn, to let's say, Arabella, Brooklyn is obviously the more masculine of the two.
    But if you mean masculine, as if sounding like a boys name, it's to feminine.
    Brooklyn and other variants are to commonly used for girls and therefore I would consider it a feminine name.
    i don't consider it a unisex name, just as much as I consider Sydney or Theresa are boy's names (I don't).
    it is technically a place name, but I consider most place names to be feminine (Paris, London, Asia...)
    I would never consider London for a boy, maybe because I grew up with Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
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    Brooklyn has been on my boy's list forever. I don't find it feminine at all though I'm not opposed of it on a girl I just prefer a boy.
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