View Poll Results: Name for baby #4 if it's a girl

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  • Miranda Jane

    8 11.59%
  • Elizabeth Rae

    12 17.39%
  • Aurelia Jane

    19 27.54%
  • Felicity Rae

    30 43.48%
  • Josephine Rae

    10 14.49%
  • Caroline Jane

    17 24.64%
  • Tamsin Rae

    6 8.70%
  • Lucinda Jane

    20 28.99%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I think Lucinda Rae would be really nice because it makes me think of literally a ray of light shining where ever your beautiful baby went. I would seriously think of this person as bringing light everywhere they go. I dunno, just a happy name image to me!

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    I am not usually a fan of names like Felicity, but that's what I voted for. It seemed to fit your sibset so nicely. Lucinda would be my second choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shieldsc View Post
    @krismichelle, that is a good point on the middle names. Thanks! Rae is actually my middle name, after my aunt, who was named after her uncle Ray. I'm still digging in the family tree for other girl middles that I like that haven't been used yet by me or someone else in the family -- possibilities include Leona, Nellie, Olive (I can't believe I forgot that one before), Jacqueline, Lou, and Rena. Not a lot of great choices, but Olive could be a possibility too.
    If Rae has a great deal of meaning to you for the reasons you listed that would trump, but I vastly prefer Jane, Leona or Jacqueline (especially the glamorous Jacqueline). No offense at all to your sainted aunt, and yourself, but Rae is much more folksy and down-home than your other children's names.

    With daughters named Madelyn an Genevieve, I love the first name choices ending with a. It's distinctive from her sisters, but your choices (Aurelia, Miranda and Lucinda) are serious and elegant and therefore fit perfectly. How lovely would something like Miranda Jacqueline be?
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    Ooh, I do like Miranda Jacqueline. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    These 4 are my favourite first names. I love both Jane (simple and elegant) and Rae (it's association with light).
    Miranda Jane
    Aurelia Jane
    Felicity Jane
    Lucinda Rae
    Those are the pairings I like. Good luck!

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