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Thread: Future Moms

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    Hi, you guys can call me Shay. I am in my early teen years and have loved names for a long time. I used to love naming dolls and stuffed animals. I only had a few whose names never changed. I never really developed a bigger interest until 3 ish years ago. I can't wait to name kids.. I would like to have 2 or 3!
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joviejane View Post
    Erin, I don't know much about that. How long will Martin be there?
    Boot camp is 13 weeks so he'll graduate toward the end of September. And then he gets a 10 day leave (vacation) before having another month of training and then (most likely) a year long deployment. So there will be lots of emails and letters involved until we can get married.

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    Hi fellow teen berries, I'm Lauren. (I'm good with being called either Lauren or Azalea/bonfireazalea on here) I'm in my last year of high school. I became really interested in names a couple of years ago but ever since I was little I always enjoyed making up names for my imaginary friends.

    Jovie, I've thought the same, about having a place on the site [just] for teens. Glad you've started something!
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    Hey guys I'm Liana. I am from Australia
    I am in the fifteenth year of my life and planning my future family. I also love names.
    I know this must sound "immature" for a teenager to say but I'd live a big family and maybe adoption down the line.

    I like this thread already.

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    Hey, Danielle, Averella, Shay, Lauren, Jess, and Liana. Wow there sure are a lot of us on here!

    Congratulations Jess on your wedding thats so exciting!

    Oh, Erin that is a long time. Sorry Sounds like you have a good relationship that can handle the distance though.

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