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Thread: Future Moms

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    Mar 2013

    Cool Future Moms

    Just wondering if anyone wanted to start a thread for any younger berries. There seem to be a lots of teens on here, that I just started noticing. Which is really cool.

    I personally love this website. There are so many wonderful, kind members (Not to mention name geniuses) I would love to know so many in real life! I see that it's also really great for support for members through pregnancy, parenthood, and ttc. I think it would be cool for members who are not moms or pregnant or starting families to have a thread of their own. Just to have our place on this website. It would be cool to meet each other, give support/advice, and of course talk about names.

    Anyone interested? If so introduce yourself, I'd love to meet you!

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    Suree I'll introduce myself, I'm Mimi, from the United States, in my younger teens. Yeah I saw a post the other day where people wanted like a "miscellaneous" thread. I'd love a thread for posts unrelated to names or parenting.

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    Oh man, forgot to introduce me. ops: That was embarrassing.
    You can call me Jovie, its not my given name. It's actually not close to my given (Not going to post it because it is somewhat unique) There's a long story of how Jovie came up.
    Anywho, I am from the US, my teen years are quickly slipping away. But for now, I'm a teenager.

    I was thinking this thread would be mostly unrelated to names of parenting. The title was just clever.
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    Hi! I'm Ellie (not my given name but that's what I go by on here). I'm in my mid teens. I'm glad to see a thread just for us non-expecting people.
    Just another teenberry and writer, a lover of names
    Current Favorites:
    | Ariadne | Calliope | Eulalie | Georgiana | Marta | Cecily | Hermione | Jane | Isabel | Petra |

    | Linus | Jonas | Basil | Jude | Augustine | Jasper | Thomas | Ezra | Gus | Augustus |

    Pondering: | Artemisia | Diana |

    Have a fabulous day!

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    Hi! I'm Erin (my given name) from the Midwest. I'm in my teens for a bit longer. My OH is Martin who leaves for Paris Island (USMC boot camp) in roughly a month and a half. Other than that I'm your normal name lover.

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