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Thread: Future Moms

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    Quote Originally Posted by violetgray View Post
    Lately I've just been obsessed with everything baby. Am I normal? Is it okay for me, being an 18 year old, to look at names and baby things just to look?
    No, you're not strange! I admit I am obsessed with children and babies too, my older cousin and I always spend hours window shopping in the baby sections of department stores and up until a few years ago, we bought these dolls that look like real babies and named them and bought clothes for them. We wanted to be mothers so badly. It sounds really weird, sorry, but I was twelve and we enjoyed it and didn't care. My parents knew about all this though. They know I love babies and names and I always discuss names with them and my sister. Once in a while I bring up that sort of thing with my friends. They think it's odd, I can tell and they always change the subject. I can just see them choosing Jayden or Isabella when they have kids. Sorry, I can't empathize with your mother not wanting to be a grandmother, mine can't wait, but I'm sorry, it sounds disheartening. You aren't abnormal though, I've concluded that in me, it's just maternal instinct.

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    Hey guys, I'm Evie (not my real name but I will go by this) I'm from the Midwest, in my mid-teens. I've loved names forever (like all of us, I guess
    Some of my evolving favorites:

    Hermione Grey - Lola Meredith - Matilda Charlotte - Meredith Eloise - Verity Kate - Violet Athena

    Benjamin Michael - Burke Atticus - Chandler Michael - Cole Shepard - Jackson Rupert - Nolan James

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    Hi everyone, I'm Ashley. And yes, I have the 2nd most common name for a teenager to have right now, but I don't mind it. I'm 19 by the way, so I'm almost not really a 'teen' but still have a few more months with teen in my age. I am obsessed with baby names, and until I really started coming on the forums on here, I felt like the only teen who was. I am so glad there are many more! I hope to be a mom one day in the distant future, but right now, I'm just a normal 19 year old, who happens to adore names completely.
    If I had a baby right now, I'd name it,
    Scarlett Amelia or Emerson Joseph.
    I also like Cashel, Gabriel, Genevieve, & Juliette. + So much more.
    I'm Ashley btw, and I'm 20!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joviejane View Post
    Oh, Erin that is a long time. Sorry Sounds like you have a good relationship that can handle the distance though.
    Thanks. We try to make it work. He wants weekly letters and I told him I'd like one when he has free time. Plus there's Skype calls and the like if he has the time. The two years til we get married will be the longest two of my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thefuturemrsb View Post
    Hi! I'm Erin (my given name) from the Midwest. I'm in my teens for a bit longer. My OH is Martin who leaves for Paris Island (USMC boot camp) in roughly a month and a half. Other than that I'm your normal name lover.
    Ahhh another military girl! My boy is a sailor stationed in DC and his best friend is a marine stationed in North Carolina.

    Oh and hi everyone! I'm Emily and I'm almost outta my teens which is weird haha
    My Favorites:

    Colette Leona. Alice Evanna. Mabel Verity. Aurelia Esme. Rosalie Raine.

    Jack Jeffrey. Carson Luke. Felix James. Leo Patrick. Axel White.


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