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Thread: A new contender

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    A new contender

    So we are keeping Vanessa at the top of our list, but decided to add a contender. We like it for some of the same reasons as Vanessa:
    *literary reference
    *cute possible nickname
    *vintage name with a modern feel

    Some things that we don't like about Adriana
    *reference to Soprano's
    *possible pronounciation issues (Ah-dree-unuh vs Ay-dree-anna)

    Please help us decide on which name is prettier

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    I don't like Vanessa at all. It makes me think of someone creepy and mean, I don't know why. Maybe that's because I am not into Ness/Nessa sound at all.
    Adriana may seem dated but I think it's still lovely. I pronounce it "ah-dree-unuh", like Adrian with -a. Nickname Addie, Annie or (oh, gorgeous!) Rhi.

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    I have the exact opposite issue as mclevine. Every Adriana I've known has been a mean, spiteful person and it makes me not like the name so much.

    Still love Vanessa. Cute, spunky, feminine, vintage and modern.
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    I agree with Dindle. And I think Vanessa is terrifyingly beautiful.
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    I voted for Vanessa, its a beautiful name. I also think of Vanessa Redgrave; calm, confident, graceful and lovely.
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