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Thread: Honest opinions

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    Allegra ~ allergy medicine
    Isla and Freya both are very popular and trendy in the UK. In the USA not so much. Coming from the US, I think of them as nameberry darlings. Names that have great appeal among name nerds not so much elsewhere (particularly Freya which is not top 1000 USA; Isla on the other hand is the top 300 which is still not too popular, it's rising due to Isla Fisher). Both of these names are nice. I would use them if you like them.
    Vera Until I met a little girl named Vera couldn't picture on one. Her parents were cool people. Not a name I would chose, but it could work.
    Octavia on my own favorites list.
    Phaedra Pass.
    Evalyn pass.
    Simone Not my style, but I sort of like it. I would like to see someone else use it.
    Indie pass.
    Good Luck!
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    Allegra - I love it and associate it much more with the musical term than the allergy drug
    Isla - I like it, but it started loosing its flair for me a little while ago
    Freya - Absolutely adorable.
    Vera - I like it when pronounced veh-ruh, but I always hear it as vee-ruh in my head and that turns me off
    Octavia - Adore! Such a great underused ancient name
    Phaedra - I like it a lot; very pretty and underused
    Evalyn - It's ok, better if spelled Evelyn. I personally prefer Eveline, but I know many would disagree with me
    Simone - My name, so I'm very biased. I love my name; it has served me well.
    Indie - Not my style at all
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    Allegra- allergy meds aside, I think this name has a fun feel and a great meaning.
    Isla- lovely name, but I'm over it. Besides, the Spanish speaker in me only sees the word for island.
    Freya- really like it. Unusual, but not weird. Established name. Nice meaning. Feminine but not frilly or syrupy sweet.
    Vera- see Freya.
    Octavia- sounds like a telenovela name. Hehe. I like it.
    Phaedra- the mythological connection is awesome, but all I can think of is that woman on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. I need to stop watching so much television.
    Evalyn- love Evelyn. Evalyn just looks misspelled.
    Simone- eh, it's ok.
    Indie- not a fan of nicknamish names.
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    Ontario, Canada :-)
    Allegra - love this!
    Isla - one of my favourites :')
    Freya - another favourite
    Vera - don't like this at all.
    Octavia - this is pretty, I like nn Ava/Avia
    Phaedra - see Vera
    Evalyn - I agree that this looks misspelled, Evelyn's pretty, and Avalyn.
    Simone - this is nice
    Indie - I like this as a nn

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    I love Vera. It's short, sweet, elegant & pretty at the same time. I've had it on my list but my husband has already shot it down...I may try again though!

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