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Thread: Rose Eleanora

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    Rose Eleanora

    Hat are your opinions on the name Rose Eleanora? What does the name make you think of?
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    Rose is sweet as a first name. Eleanora is a lovely middle.

    As a whole it feels romantic. It's a great name.
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    Rose Eleanora, it's a very sweet name. I think I prefer Eleanora Rose but Rose Eleanora is definitely beautiful. I think it's a elegant and romantic name
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    Rose Eleanora...
    Rose is so wholesome and rural. Rose is a gorgeous simplistic choice, the name looks so sweet. I love the name Rose, she's been a favourite of mine - well Rosalie is because Rose doesn't go with my surname but I have Rosalie with the nickname Rose - just because Rose is such a sugary delightful name. Eleanora is such a spunky, quirky choice. I honestly think the name has so much character and beauty. I love Eleanora! Rose Eleanora is such a beautiful combination. Stunning.

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    Stunning and feminine!

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