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    They really are very similar. Nicknames Lily and Lucy are fine together, but I would go with Lucia or Lucinda for the formal name.
    This would have been my recommendation too. But I also like Danica. I think it's a trade-off between getting their names tangled all the time and feeling like the mismatch. I would worry more about the tangling. Lilyana and Danica make a very nice pair. Maybe you could give her and L mn?

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    I think they are too similar. Individually they are nice names, but together, they come off cutesy. I vote for Danica (or better yet, Annika).
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    I love Liliana and Luciana together, my sister and I have matchy-matchy, rhymie names and we love it!
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    Lily and lucy/Lilyana and Luciana Sound totally adorable together!
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    I am in a similar predicament! It's so hard when you like similar sounding names! They probably wont be joined at the hip for the rest of their lives, so it may only matter when they're young! Good luck with your choice!!!

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