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    Similar names for sisters cute or not??

    It was so easy to pick daughter #1's name Lilyana (Lily). Now for #2 we love Luciana (Lucy). My husband and both our families LOVE the name, but I'm a little skeptical they are too close. We want to keep with L's, bc were all L names and we don't want her to be left out. I have looked through thousands of other names and don't like any. Am I crazy two name sisters Lilyana and Luciana?

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    I think if you were going to call them by their full names, they might be too similar. But I think Lily and Lucy are different enough. By the way, just be aware, you (the parents) will mix them up all the time. I have 2 sisters, and all 3 of us are 'M' names, and my mom would call all 3 before landing on the correct one. Good luck and congratulations!

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    If you are into alliteration, Lily and Lucy are cute together and not really too close. The only thing I would consider is if you end up having a third baby, will you have another option that will match?

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    I like Lily and Lucy together! Lilyana and Luciana don't seem overly similar to me.

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    I'll be the one to say I think Lily and Lucy sound like a pair of cats. Each is a sweet name, but the combo is a bit much for me.

    To the poster who asked about a third daughter? Lily, Lucy, and Lola.

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