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    These are our top five. What do you think?

    We have a son named Leo and need help deciding which one of these names we should use if our next one is a girl.

    1) Caroline
    2) Genevieve
    3) Penelope
    4) Evangeline
    5) Margot

    Possible middle names are Victoria, Catherine, Elizabeth, Alice and Margaret.

    So what do you think? Leo's middle name is Al3xand3r
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    I really like Caroline with Leo! Very classic. And Caroline Elizabeth is my favorite.
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    I like Leo & Penelope and Leo & Caroline.

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    I have a cousin named Victoria Caroline (which I love) so I think the reverse would be beautiful as well: Caroline Victoria. I also love the name Evangeline; you could call her Evie for short. So maybe Evangeline Elizabeth. Too many E's??? I dont' know All of them are great names. I don't particularly like Margot or Margaret, but that's just my opinion Good luck!

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    I like Margot best, although I prefer Margo.

    Margot Victoria is nice.

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