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Thread: Melanie?

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    Not ttc but I think this is the most beautiful name ever! so i'm wondering why i haven't really seen it on here, im new to this so for all i know it's dated etc so please could you tell me what you think.

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    I think it is pretty but a bit dated. Many (most) people on here are looking for fresher names.
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    Aww, Melanie is lovely! I don't think it's terribly dated, more of a classic name. I always think of sweetheart Melanie Wilkes when I hear this name and it's a great association IMO.
    I would like to meet a little Mellie - I much prefer Melanie to Milana/Milena/Milania/Mila.

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    Thanks, one of the reasonsi didn't think it was dated was with the whole Ellie craze and the -ie endings

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    I like Melanie very much, but I've simply known so many of them.
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