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Thread: Lincoln?

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    What are your thought's on the name Lincoln? Even if you hate it, please tell me honest
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    I love Lincoln, and it would fit perfectly with Emmeline and Jack!

    I think I find it appealing because of the nickname Linc/Link, which is so cool. I've never met a Lincoln either and I have only just realised that people in the UK associate with the place in the UK named Lincoln, the same with Preston but I still like both. However, would probably not use it as a first name because of those places.

    When I think of Lincoln, all I recall is Lincoln Burrows from the series Prison Break and he was such a good looking, rugged man so again only a positive image
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    I like the idea of Lincoln, its history and associations, but find it slightly difficult to say. It also reminds me of the social network Linked In.

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    Personally, I'd never use it. Being from the US, its association with the former president Abraham Lincoln is horrible for me. I'd never want to name my kids after a president like that.
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    I'm from the States, too, but I really rather admire Abraham Lincoln. I think the name is great! I prefer the nickname Cole to Linc, but that's personal taste.

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