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    Thanks again for all the great replies. I know the meaning of 'Claudia' leaves a lot to be desired, but as I said, we are desperate!

    I'm thrilled that so many of you have had a positive reaction to 'Janet.' Thanks to svea, niamh749 (never considered Jannie, but it is cute too!), krismichelle, and uselesskitty. I think I just needed to know I wasn't the only person alive to think of 'Janet' as a cute and usable name. As one half of the name-selecting committee, I didn't want to choose a name for my child that would make the majority of people cringe.

    To mrshappytoes, your reply makes me think you haven't yet had to go through the agony of deciding on a name, to then have that name be disliked by either friends, family, or random strangers. (I hope you never have to either!) We live in a very opinionated world now, and people from the cashier at the grocery store, to your next-door neighbor, or worse, a close friend or family member feel entitled to share their knee-jerk reaction with you. Their opinions did not matter enough to make us change our minds, however, I still remember every look of disappointment I got after sharing our choice of Harold/nn Hal. That is the purpose of discussing here first; a safe place where I can work out my true feelings, before facing (certain) disappointment from others later. Because lets get real, there is no such thing as a perfect name. As to the comment about not having so many parameters in order to get a 'true' opinion, I understand your point, however, I'm addressing a very specific problem, and I'm looking for a very specific answer. I'm not asking for new names, or new combinations, or your feelings about Hal, I'm simply looking for why or why not you like the names Janet, Valentine or Claudia. Thank you for your comments.

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