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    Wow! I was never able to come up with a way to use 'DeMerle' that I liked, and you just did! Thanks so much. I can't make you understand the many combinations and twists I put that name through, trying to make it work, but I never could. I'm so excited to have a wonderful middle name to now put with Claudia. However, I'm not a fan of either nn. I live in the south, and the Bible belt, and people here are fond of shouting, "Lordy, Lordy" when the spirit moves them, and that is what Lottie (or Laudy) reminds me of. However, you explained my problem with Claudia perfectly- Hal does sound too friendly next to it, but it might not matter with such a lovely combination of Claudia DeMerle. Best of all, it would thrill my grandmother to no end. Thanks for your input!

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    Harold Jonathan (ah so retro and cool love it, breaking the rules by commenting - sorry - just had to say I love cool retro choices) I think you should continue with this retro theme and Janet works effortlessly with this theme. Even though I'm not a major Janet fan, it's my sister's middle name and I do think the name has many decent qualities. But for a 'Jan' inspired name I prefer Jane which is my favourite girl's name at the moment or Jana. Still Janet Valentine has this really lovely, retro quality the name feels like it's just stepped out of the 50's. Which is great! Major vintage fan! Janet works with Harold/Hal very well and I also like the flow of Janet Valentine it's so cutesy and vibrant. I also like the nicknames Jenny and Hal teamed together. Keep this combination on the list. I'm not a Claudia fan, their's something 'off' about her but I do like Cordelia.

    Jan names...

    Other suggestions:

    Hope this helped x

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    Thanks for all the lovely suggestions, but we are very committed to using only family names. As gijanie pointed out, I too was named after a family member and it has been a lovely connection I have enjoyed sharing. I would like my daughter to experience the same thing. Also, I have researched every possible name containing 'Jan,' and the only one we are willing to consider is Janet, for many and various reasons that I won't bore you with. Thanks for trying to help though and I'm glad to know it is also your sister's middle name!

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    Not gonna lie, Harold and Janet would be one of the coolest sibsets I've come across for this generation.

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    Honestly, I don't really care for Janet, but it's a nice enough name. I definitely prefer her over Claudia, which sounds clunky to me. Valentine, though, I love. It's actually on my list.

    Janet Valentine as a combo is nice.
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