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    Gentle, but still honest, opinions wanted

    Hi All-
    This is my second post asking for guidance about a girl baby name. I really, really, really want to name our baby girl after either my mother (Jan Bertrice,) or my grandmother (Lillian DeMerle.) To those of you who replied, I appreciated your effort, but for various reasons, we have eliminated all previous suggestions from our list.
    The critical information you need to know for this post is our baby girl will have an older brother the with name of Harold Jonathan, who goes by the nn Hal. (Please refrain from commenting on his name, as he is already here, and we love the name we selected.) Our last name is German and has two syllables.
    Lately I have come to appreciate the retro-simplicity of the name 'Janet' (which would, obviously, be in honor of my mother, Jan.) We would pair it with a name from my husband's side, so she would be Janet Valentine. What do you think? Please, remember to be gentle. We have gone through both family trees numerous times and we are stuck. This is one of the very few 'maybes' remaining. The next best option would be to name her 'Claudia.' And while I love that name, it is not from my mother's side of the family. Another hiccup is I like Harold and Claudia together, but not necessarily Hal and Claudia. Suggestions and/or advice is appreciated. Thank you for your help!

    Previous Suggestions We Are Not Using Include:
    Beatrice or Beatrix or Bea

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    I think Janet Valentine nn Jan is really lovely and goes very well with Harold nn Hal. I definitely prefer that to Claudia, though Claudia Valentine does flow very nicely. Laudy would be a cute nn as well, or Dia.
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    Janet Valentine is lovely but I prefer Valentine on a boy.
    I don't like Claudia at all, sorry, especially because of the meaning. What about Clara/Claire/Chiara? They all mean "light" and have the same feel. Hal and Claire would be lovely.

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    Hal to me is a cool, modern but yet still retro nickname for Harold, and I absolutely love it. I don't feel the same about Janet/ just feels dated to me. It clearly has a special meaning for you guys, so you should go with it if you love it!

    I know you ruled out Jillian already, but I do love that name. And, for what it's worth, I also love Jacqueline, which could kinda be a tribute to both grandmothers?
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    Thanks, but we are trying to use family names, which is where 'Claudia' came from.

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