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    I really think the responses were very tame. The posts have been edited to sound nicer and it was the original wording that alarmed me a little bit. I feel very protective of little ones so I was hoping for a little clarification that the intentions were good. Glad all is well.

    Anyway, the way genetics play out is very difficult to really predict and siblings can vary greatly from each other too but it is fun to see what children end up looking like. -And how that same child will change. I remember being so excited to meet my little boy and snuggle him and memorize his little fingers and toes but that little dark haired baby is now a blond toddler. Sometimes it strikes me that I still don't know exactly what he'll look like, I have a rough idea but it will be so cool to see him grow and see what will stay the same (his bright blue eyes?) and what will change (will his hair get curly??).
    Mama to my dear little bear <3

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