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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    I don't think leona here is saying "dear God, let them be pale." In fact the opposite-- she said "I hope there is a little of me in there."
    That was what I got from it as well. Let's not jump to conclusions, people!

    Leona, my family is about 90% blonde, blue eyed, fair skinned people. I have dark brown hair, green eyes and light olive-ish skin. My boyfriend is also blonde with blue eyes and fair skin (and everyone is his family too), our daughter has (this far) almost black hair, olive skin and brown eyes. Coulouring doesn't matter, what will be will be! Babies are beautiful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by leona23 View Post
    Wow people really can find something out of a whole lot of nothing to chastise someone with!
    Wasn't trying to chastise... That is why I said I hope it's an innocent question... Bad choice of words, perhaps. I personally found it to be a strangely worded question... the way I read it, it seemed like you would be upset if your future children had olive skin like your father, especially with the "please help" attached to it.

    Didn't mean to ruffle any feathers. As I said, genetics are a funny thing. You just never know.
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    Or conversely one might think that i might want them to look like him? with a huge nose! lol
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    I have no clue what the motivation behind your question was. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you were just curious what babies will look like. Which is impossible to know really, everyone thinks its funny that I am pretty much exactly in between my mom and dad when it comes to looks. My dad has light hair and my mom has darker and mind is in-between. Its the same with my eye color, face shape, and hair texture, and yes skin tone. Although both my mom and dad tan, and I just burn.

    It will be interesting to see!

    On a side note, it seems some people have hit a nerve with their comments. I don't think they were trying to "jump on you" as you said. Your question (and past questions) just has a bit of an odd vibe, but its probably completely innocent.

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    I think people are waaaaay too quick to infer racism nowadays. If she had said, "I'm olive skinned and my grandpa is pale and I hope there's some of my olive skin in there," nobody would have blinked.

    Leona, in answer to your question it's impossible to know in advance. My mom is a pale white lady. My dad is a dark white dude. (Each of his maternal grandparents were half American Indian.) I turned out... paler than my mom! :-) So who knows? The mystery is part of the fun.

    Blade - those are some pretty awesome twins.

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